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Attract Consumers with Captivating Infomercials

Let Terry Finn write the perfect script in order to receive the best response from potential consumers.  

His extensive experience allows him to provide a variety of services for the infomercial industry.

PDMI Founding Member

Expert Infomercial Writing

When you are preparing for an advertising commercial, Terry is able to write all aspects of the campaign, from the concept through to the final infomercial script. He works closely with your team to develop the unique selling proposition of your product.

He also provides specific creative concepts for the execution of the campaign to ensure it draws in your target audience. Terry is an expert at naming products and developing specific product offers that maximize potential customer response.

Talented Show Doctoring

Having been involved with more than 800 DRTV creative campaigns, Terry has an incredible ability to make suggestions to fix infomercials that do not initially work. Many infomercials do not work after their first test. Terry turns these failures into award-winning shows.

Show Analysis

Have Terry give an analysis of your existing show and then offer a comprehensive restructuring to make it a success. This analysis involves his extensive notes for writing and post-production reengineering of your marketing or advertising project.

Versatile International Writing

Terry writes for a number of international clients, including half hour, 15-minute programs, and short forms. Turn to him for your core show script and marketing to be translated for local markets in your area.

Creative Testimonial Directing

Great testimonials can be the difference between a project working or not, so directing testimonials to be authentic, energetic, and speak in useable soundbites is a true specialty. He is a recognized expert in eliciting authentic responses that sell massive amounts of product. Terry has directed more than 600 testimonials on camera for dozens of hit infomercials.